BioMedInnovations is an ISO 13485 certified and multiple award winning developer of Medical Devices that supports leading surgeons, physicians and researchers who are transforming the world of organ transplants. First CaVESWave ® by BMI and now RECOVE ™ by BMI are ex vivo organ perfusion and preservation platforms designed to enable research and to deliver live-extending organs and hope to millions.

This page is a resource to allow you to access details about BioMedInnovations, its devices, research platforms, service delivery model, with proprietary perfusate and disposables, as well as the company's awards and important regulatory information regarding SuppleVent ™ by BMI and FDA Emergency Use Authorized Ventilator.

BMI intends to make available on this page a growing library of technical and professional journals, including articles and peer reviewed publications focusing on research being undertaken by BMI's partners and enabled by the company's patented technology.


Published Research 

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