BMI's Cardiovascular Emulation system, known as CaVESWave has been deployed and refined through practice in the laboratories of many acclaimed institutions, such as Yale Neuroscience, Duke University Ex Vivo Organ Lab, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest School of Medicine and WFIRM Institute for Regenerative Medicine, Porter Adventist, and UNC Chapel Hill Kidney Center.

BMI's organ perfusion system has proven its capabilities and versatility to support the ex vivo preservation of an array of organs and tissue.

Through ongoing deployments and partnerships we have developed a reduced scale mobile platform, known as OrganBank™ -- "recovering life", that BMI believes can carry donor organs further and for longer than has previously been possible. 


This ability to carry such precious cargo for longer--and thus over greater distances--opens-up coast-to-coast opportunity to find the best match for an organ and deliver it anywhere in the United States, indeed beyond.  

OrganBank™ by BMI will be provided under a service delivery contract together with BMI's proprietary perfusate and one-use organ cassette. 

BMI intends to seek FDA Clearance for its first mobile device in Q3 2022 and once secured to begin by focusing on the Kidney Transplant market.