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Patients, Surgeons, Care Teams and Providers

BMI Creates Innovative Medical Devices To Help You Save Lives. 

Working with leading American Research institutions, BioMedInnovations, llc (BMI) has developed world-class patented technology to save lives, and help build a more robust America-first BioMedical and BioPharma supply chain.

OrganBank ™ by BMI, when cleared by the FDA, will be able to transport Donor Organs further and for longer, allowing you to deliver many more life-saving transplant surgeries -- offering a real alternative to those of you suffering the relentless and awful cycle of dialysis. 


Wait-listed patients, medical professionals, investors, and policymakers all agree, it is un-American and unacceptable that 20 families will suffer the heartbreak of losing a loved one today and every day because an organ for transplant remains out of reach.  BMI has a solution to help you bring the waitlist to zero, providing hope to millions. 

SuppleVent® by BMI -- National Federal Award-Winning Ventilator -- provides pressure-limited, time-cycled, continuous mandatory ventilation to patients suffering from COVID-19 -- received FDA Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).  

With traditional supply chains at breaking point in the face of the COVID-19 Challenge, BMI led a team, in partnership with the Lawrence Livermore U.S. National Laboratory to Design, Build and Deliver FDA EUA Approval for an Emergency Use Ventilator to support patients suffering from Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) caused by COVID-19 and other serious conditions

SuppleVent® by BMI and its development team has been the recipient of multiple Federal National and Regional Awards, For COVID-19 Response, Public-Private Partnership, and Technology Transfer.

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In the pandemic era, you decided to play your part in saving lives, to be part of building a more reliable All-American Supply Chain, and you are no longer prepared to accept that waitlists for life-saving organs are just part of life--not in America!

Please consider how BMI can help you in your efforts:

  1. Think about supporting a significant study to advance our nation's capabilities in kidney transplantation thru medstartr.com;

  2. Consider investing in world-class All-American life-extending biomedical technology;

  3. Help provide hope to those enduring dialysis, and to our horrifically injured service personnel; and

  4. Join the fight to influence national policy and combat non-performing


Schedule a call to discuss how you can join the fight  

Support BMI's Patients & Family Council


BMI believes that patients, their families, and patient advocates are the most important stakeholders in the world of organ transplants.


BMI is blessed to receive valuable input of waitlisted patents--some enduring dialysis--and their attentive family members, as well as transplant survivors and organ donors alike.

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Supporting Our
Servicemen & Women


BMI's patented Cardiovascular Emulation technology has been deployed by leading US Clinicians, on behalf of the Department of Defense, to advance new methods of lower intestine transplant--that can transform the lives of horrifically injured personnel.


BMI hopes CaVESWave ® and PROPEL ™ can be deployed to support large tissue perfusion and transplants to honor the service of our forces.

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Invest in Finding Solutions


BMI is moved by the plight of thousands of patients, left to languish on waiting lists, many sadly dying while they wait for a suitable donor organ. 

You agree, it is unacceptable that the waitlist grows, costing lives, and costing our nation billions of dollars, when solutions can be advanced to bring hope to millions.

Contact us if you would like to learn how you can help move BMI forward in bringing viable solutions to the market.

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Influencing Transplant Policy, Practices & Regulations


Join BMI's efforts to advise the Administration, US Congress and National Policy makers regarding the potential to significantly increase the number of successful organ transplants that can be delivered annually.

BMI is known to lawmakers on Capitol Hill as a Federal award-winning business that answered the call in response to COVID-19. 

Put your weight behind BMI's efforts - seeking FDA Clearance for a new organ transportation device, and influencing change in policy.






Languishing on the Waitlist for an Available Organ in America

20 Americans die today and everyday because an organ remains out of reach

USA invests to keep over 500,000 people on the awful relentless cycle of dialysis 

People are suffering from Kidney Diseases Worldwide


 BMI has developed  many patented  technologies and  capabilities that can  help you save lives. 

It has done this by working effectively in partnerships, and by going the extra mile in service delivery and support of world-renowned medical and scientific professionals.

BioMedInnovations, LLC -- "BMI"-- has achieved its measure of technical success and engineering breakthroughs because of the ability of its executive and engineering teams to collaborate with and to support some of America's most accomplished surgeons and scientists.

Under the leadership of Carrie DiMarzio, CEO the team at BMI has gained a reputation for getting things done, thriving on challenges and excelling in partnership. 

Nowhere is this better illustrated than by looking at the award-winning SuppleVent ™ project, undertaken in public private partnership with the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, that delivered an innovative COVID response, gaining FDA approval in record time, and receiving multiple Federal and national awards.

Similarly, BMI works with a wide range of key stakeholders, including patient advocates, Organ Procurement Organizations and Public representatives.

If you would like to share your experience and join in the fight to transform millions of lives please consider the work of BMI's Patient & Family Council and Medical & Scientific Advisory Board. 



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Our HQ Office

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Our HQ Office

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At BMI we are proud to deploy our technology and our team across the United States. Please take a moment to look at some of the growing number of locations we support and partnerships in which we engage.

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